Dr. Rolf Böhme

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Main Areas of my Political Activity

Main Areas of my Political Activity


"The more we have, the more we have too little"

"Deal with it quickly before it's too late to regret"

"Places of Remembrance - Means of Reconciliation. How a German town has dealt with the holocaust following 1945"

"Geschichten vom Amt"

Speeches and interviews in office:
1990 - 2000

Current publications in the press

Dr. Rolf Böhme,
Lord Mayor (retired)
of Freiburg im Breisgau
from 1982-2002

Prior thereto a member of
the German Bundestag
[Lower House of the Federal
Parliament] as of 1972
and Parliamentary Secretary
of State under the
Federal Minister of
Finance as of 1978

Until 2015-12-31 Rechtsanwalt (attorney)
at the law and accountancy firm
Friedrich Graf von Westphalen & Partner
Rechtsanwälte, Wirtschaftsprüfer,
79098 Freiburg,
Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse 284.